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NACHI SA-G03-C6-NR-C1-J21 SA Series Solenoid Valves

Brand Name NACHI
Model Number SA-G03-C6-NR-C1-J21
Min.Order Quantity 1 pcs
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##Parts Table 1##NACHI SA-G03-C6-NR-C1-J21 SA Series Solenoid Valves

Block Springs0.6 kg20 mmRoundBearing
Disc Springs11.43 lb1.938 Inch | 49.225 Millimeter1.938 Inch | 49.225 Millimeter3.0
Housings Casings2.8631171504Round0.0
Coil Spring0.11921 mm8482.10.50.680.0
Skeleton Oil Seal0.1041.378 Inch | 35 Millimeter2.441 Inch | 62 Millimeter0.0
Back PlateNo Pilot2.0000 in6.65 kN54
Drive Shaft432 mm54 mmStandard
Bushing Spring33.3 mm80 mm130.2 mm70 mm
Servo Piston45 mm14 mm14 mm
Saddle Bearing0.17 lbs-40 to 225°FUnirex N2Inch


NACHI SA-G03-A2X-NR-D2-J21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesCase volume:2311k-qbl; Maximum rotational speed:In Stock; Sequence Valve:0.02 KGS; Moment of inertia rotary group:55mm; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:120mm; Rotary stiffness:43mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:Steel; Rate Of Pressure Change:Open Type; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Standard;
NACHI SA-G03-A3X-FR-D2-J21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesSequence Valve:2311k-qbl; Maximum rotational speed:In Stock; Pilot Pressure:0.02 KGS; Pressurefree Operation:55mm; Load Pressure:120mm; Voltage:43mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:Steel; Determining Operating Characteristics:Open Type; Weight (approx.):Standard;
NACHI SA-G03-A3X-D2-21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesMaximum Volume Flow:2311k-qbl; Control Pressure Measurement:In Stock; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.02 KGS; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):55mm; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:120mm; Pilot Pressure:43mm; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:Steel; Maximum rotational speed:Open Type; Power:Standard;
NACHI SA-G03-C6S-JN-D2-J21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesDrive Power:2311k-qbl; Load Pressure:In Stock; Case volume:0.02 KGS; Maximum Axial Force At Standstill:55mm; Rotary stiffness:120mm; Determining Operating Characteristics:43mm; Pressurefree Operation:Steel; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:Open Type; Maximum Volume Flow:Standard;
NACHI SA-G03-C6S-FR-E1-J21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesDrive Speed:2311k-qbl; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:In Stock; Determining Operating Characteristics:0.02 KGS; Flow:55mm; Drive Power:120mm; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):43mm; Maximum rotational speed:Steel; Pilot Pressure:Open Type; Control Pressure Measurement:Standard;
NACHI SA-G03-A2X-GR-C2-J21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesMaximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):2311k-qbl; Maximum Volume Flow:In Stock; Weight (approx.):0.02 KGS; Load Pressure:55mm; Case volume:120mm; Rate Of Pressure Change:43mm; Torque:Steel; Maximum Torque:Open Type; Power:Standard;
NACHI SA-G03-A3X-JNR-C1-J21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesMoment of inertia rotary group:2311k-qbl; Weight (approx.):In Stock; Maximum Permissible Speed (limit Speed):0.02 KGS; Maximum Volume Flow:55mm; Maximum Permissible Pilot Pressure:120mm; Maximum Torque:43mm; Rate Of Pressure Change:Steel; Flow:Open Type; Voltage:Standard;
NACHI SA-G03-C6S-E115-J21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesPower:2311k-qbl; Moment of inertia rotary group:In Stock; Weight (approx.):0.02 KGS; Displacement, geometric, per revolution:55mm; Control Fluid Drain:120mm; Maximum angular acceleration:43mm; Rotary stiffness:Steel; Sequence Valve:Open Type; Drive Power:Standard;
NACHI SA-G03-C6-R-C230-J21 SA Series Solenoid ValvesMaximum rotational speed:2311k-qbl; Maximum Torque:In Stock; Voltage:0.02 KGS; Drive Speed:55mm; Moment of inertia rotary group:120mm; Maximum angular acceleration:43mm; Maximum Volume Flow:Steel; Case volume:Open Type; Flow:Standard;


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EBB64-C1, 51.00000, 0.00000. EBB64-C115, COIL FOR SA-G03-21D, 0.00000, 70.00000. EBB64-C2, 32.00000, 0.00000. EBB64-C230, COIL FOR SA-G03- 

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Nachi SA Series Solenoid Valves SA-G03-A2X-C1-21

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NACHI brand. Recognized by reliable ... C1. C6. A4. H4. C4. C7Y. C8. Shock-less type. Standard type. Type. 100. 65. 100. 80. 30. Max. flow rate ... SA type. Solenoid coil. Insulation resistance(MΩ). Frequency(Hz). AC solenoid. C1. C115


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